Could someone tell me how you might say this in Japanese? I'm curious.
  • ...literally. I can't quite figure out how to say "I'm curious" in Japanese. Is there a general term that would fit or is it one of those phrases that's always different depending on the situation?

    Here's the convo it came up in, for context...

    Me: Okay, I've got everything, you?
    Sister: I wanna take a look at those handbags really quick.
    Me: Something catch your eye?
    Sister: No, I'm just curious.
    Me: Ah.
    Sister:.... how would you say "I'm curious/I'm just curious" in Japanese?
    Me:....Yanno, I don't know O_o

    I offered, for that situation, something like "見てみたいから" or "ちょっと気に入るから." Not sure about the latter one, though.

    Any thoughts appreciated!
  • Me: さ、僕はもう、君は?
    Sister: その手提げもちょっと見たい
    Me: 目についたものあるか?
    Sister: いいえ、知りたいだけ
    Me: そうだよ

    Summary: It's common to say 知りたい (I want to know) as if it was "I'm curious" ; )
  • Ooooh, gotcha. Thanks so much!
  • I'm curious is Watashi wa kyōmi ga aru

    You: Okay I've got everything you?
    (Daijōbu watashi wa subete o motte iru anata)

    Your sister: I wanna take a look at those handbags really quick.
    (Ai· u~ona· bī wa hontōni hayai mono no handobaggu o mite mimashou)

    You: Something catch your eye?
    (Nani ka ga anata no me o kyatchi)

    Your sister: No, I'm just curious.
    (Watashi wa kyōmi ga arimasen)

    You: Ah.

    Your sister: How would you say "I'm curious/I'm just curious" in Japanese?
    (Hōhō deshou anata watashi wa "kyōmi ga aru/Watashi wa kyōmi ga aru" de Nipponjin?

    You: Yanno, I don't know O_o
    (Anata wa, watashi ga shiranai shitte iru O_o)
  • Don't use Google Translate. (Automatic translation can always be spotted because it's obviously wrong in ways that human beings don't make mistakes).
  • I didn't use Google I used Babylon translation
  • That's no better, the point is computer (programs) cannot give you a good translation currently.
  • Oh I didn't realize that...I'm learning Japanese and I was using babalon for the pronounceation and how to say the word. Sorry and thanks.

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