Contribute new words/expressions
  • I couldn't find this expression in Denshi Jisho and would like to contribute it:
    English meaning: falling and stumbling, falling all over him/herself.
    Can someone let me know if it's possible to contribute, and if so how?
  • You can either contribute them to the dictionary itself, which is maintained here:

    Or you can contribute these as setences to the Tatoeba project here:

    That way they will eventually make it into as well as I use those projects as data sources.

    Thanks for contributing!
  • どうも!But I'm not allowed to enter it; I keep getting a "syntax error" message. I notice that the entry boxes getting a "syntax error" message. I notice that the entry boxes include "kanji" and pronunciation; but this is a hiragana entry.
  • Hmm, odd, maybe they have a bug. I'm not involved in it so I can't check for you. But there's also this long help document:

  • Thanks, Kim. This seems beyond my limited capabilities--anyhow, the info is here, and if someone more skilled decides to input the new entry into the dictionary that will be nice. I'm back to my reading... :-)
  • Added the entry, you can view the submission here. Nice find, interesting word : )

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