NHK Easy Japanese News
  • NHK has just started a news page in easy Japanese - check it out. Level is intermediate, I guess.
  • I love this NHK website! This is so useful when you want to increase your vocabulary and Kanji, especially when you are starting out because the text has furigana. If you need to be challenged some more, all you have to do is click 普通のニュースはこちらです。^_^
  • Another good alternative that I found recently (with furigana also and translation):
  • Nippon Talk is great! It's nice that the website gives you the option to turn the furigana on or off. This is particularly good when you want to test your reading comprehension skills and do not want to use furigana while you try to understand the blog post for the day. Bookmarked! Thank you MagicPepper. :)
  • Wait, just a simple and quick question guys.. what is furigana by the way? 教えてください!:)
  • First thing to do is google or wikipedia ; )
    Basically, 振り仮名(ふりがな) are (small) kana next to a kanji or kanji compound indicating its reading.

    れいめい                   きら           わ   こえ             たま
    While they can be helpful, I find comic books with furigana for literally every kanji positively distracting and harder to read. Also, once you have learnt a kanji, you feel good when you can read it without the help of furigana.
  • Ah thanks.. I've noticed those small kana at the top of every kanji on some sites.. So that what furigana is.. hehe..
  • I agree with blutorange. When you have furigana in whatever you are reading, you tend to read them instead of the kanji even though you absolutely know how to read a particular kanji and it doesn't help you in the long run.

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