English to Japanese translation help
  • I'm really big and interested in Japanese culture especially their technology, cars and anime and I'm trying to translate: "I Am Right Here With You"; "I Am What I Am"; "BLC III"; and "BLC 3." I've tried Google translate but I don't think it's all that accurate.

    Note, the BLC III and BLC 3 are my initials.

    Thanks in advance.
  • 1. 今の君の側にいます
    2. I am not sure about it, so let's just wait for someone else.
    3. ベルシIII
    4. ベルシ3
  • @MaestroS
    Thanks a lot for the effort. Quick question though, how would I have that in vertical form? (you have it horizontal form right now) Or is it just self explanatory?
  • Bump, anyone can help out on translating "I Am What I Am"?

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