Stating multiple similar things in one sentance.
  • Say for instance I wanted to say something such as.

    "I like dogs, cats, birds and mice."

    I'm pretty much asking what to do with the commas.

    Do I use "to"


    What would be the best way to handle such a sentence?
  • そして is not normally used in the middle of a sentence.

    You can use commas (or や) + など (note: this implies "I like these animals and others I haven't mentioned"). と is for "complete listing" (this and this, and nothing else) や is for "incomplete listing" (this, this, and...). The 私は might not be needed, depending on context - e.g. if this is part of a self introduction, you don't need to keep repeating it every sentence.

  • Thank you for your advice. Really helped me to learn! Thank you!

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