Casually declining?
  • How would I casually decline something someone asks me? 

    For example "You aren't Japanese?", "No I'm not".
  • いいえ。 iie
    日本人じゃない nihonjin ja nai
  • Or 違う/ Chigau
  • You use 違う with statements, it is hardly ever used as an answer to question. And even if, it is appropriate to expand your answer after 違う.
  • Well I've heard it used the same as そうです so I guess you can if you disagree with the statement in the question, like '- 日本の方ですか。- いいえ、違います.'
    But it's true it was the -masu form so not that casual.
  • you can also say 遠慮します to decline doing something. it has a connotation that makes it sound like it's for the best/to do the best. it can also be used sarcastically and its negative can be used to mean something like "don't be shy".
    do you want to dance? 踊りたい?
    i'd rather not. 遠慮します。
  • You can also use "いいえ、結構です” for example, when declining offers of food/drink.
  • いいえ、違います。(Formal) いいえ、違う (Informal).. いいえ、違うわょ。(Female)、I don't know with the males... There are still lots, but the rest that I knew were the rude once, so I won't include it.. I hope I've helped you with this.. 頑張るぜ!

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