Please help me translate to english
  • Could someone help me translate the kanji in the picture below?

    I was able to translate the simple ones, like 羽 being "feather", 爪 being "claw" and 界 being "field"...but the others are way too difficult for me to do alone. Could someone help me here?

    Thanks in advance.
  • It's easy to transcribe what's written there...
    羽舞(feather dance?) 爪篝(claw "basket"?) 鷹爪(falcon claw?) 鳳凰波(Houou [mythical creature, like a phoenix] wave?) 麗界(beautiful world?) 麗葬(splendid funeral?)
    These are the literal translations, I can't tell what it's supposed to mean without any context. Are you sure it's Japanese and not Chinese?

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