Can someone translate from this Kanji photo?
  • Hey people, there's five sets of kanji I would like to have translated into english so I has hoping some kind people could help me. Anyone?

    The link to the photo is below. Thanks in advance!
  • 空間歪曲 space distortion
    異空転移 transition to strange space
    次元封鎖 dimensional binding/blockade
    異空解錠 strange space unlock
    遊びは終わりだ literally "play [time] is over", could mean "Time to get serious."

    Again, hard to translate without context. Considering your other post and especially the last sentence (which is definitely Japanese), it sounds to me like some names of attacks in some game/manga/anime?

    (Please use one topic for one request, it also helps to keep things organized.)
  • Yes, indeed they are. I've been researching japanese games to use their elements in a fic, but my japanese is pretty many thanks for both replies and for the translations. It seems pretty accurate.

    I'll use this topic for future requests.
  • Ok, so I have a new request. This is supposed to be a monologue by an anime character:

    Hope someone can help me here. Thanks in advance.

  • You know, there is a lot of information online about Japanese games that isn't in the form of images. 攻略 is the Japanese for walkthrough and if you google the name of the game you're interested in plus that keyword you will almost certainly, unless it's really obscure, find a website detailing all the attacks/spells/quests/characters/storylines/etc.

    Plus, there are plenty of games that have already been translated/localised.

    The image you link to is by a female character out of Bleach talking about a project to take embarrassing photographs of some of the male characters. I'm too lazy to do a line by line but that's the gist.

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