De particle after an adjective or something else?
  • こんにちはみんな! I'm currently learning Japanese and I've translated on my own some manga but I encountered something strange(at least in my opinion), because I know the basic usage of the DE particle( like means of doing something or location indicator for actions) but while translating a manga there was this line 青でいよう. The whole line was ずっと 包み込める青でいよう.( My interpretation was something like : Always/Forever enveloping with the blue...)-the characters where talking about the sky, so that's why the kanji for blue appears.

    Manga is uses a lot of short and colloquial forms which are hard to understand sometimes, because we are taught to use the standard polite way of speaking. So can anyone help me in some way? Does that line make any sense?
    Thank you in advance^_^
  • 青 is used here as a noun, not as an adjective, literally. When で is attached to a noun, it can indicate a method, location and so forth. It always depends on a context. Honestly, I would need more context to translate of properly, but I think your interpretation is not far from being correct. 包み込める in this context would mean "to wrap, to pack". But I'd wait for someone more fluent.

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