please help me translate this for my japanese friend
  • me and my online gaming buddy play a lot of games together but sadly we hardly communicate as there is a huge language barrier between us. could someone please help me translate this:

    I've uploaded some of your ranked replays to youtube. The feedback is good. If you have any saved replays you are very proud of and want to show the world, please invite me to your replay channel when you get the chance, so i can save and upload them for you. Here's the link to your replays i uploaded ________
  • NAMEさんの序列したリプレーをYouTubeに乗せ込ました。手応えがいいと思います。誇るリプレーを皆に見たければNAMEさんのリプレーチャネルに誘ってください。そして付け足して乗せ込むのができます。NAMEさんの乗せ込んだリプレーのリンクはこちら:

    replace NAME with your friend's (family) name or nick.
  • thanks a lot MaestroS!

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