Need Help With Identification of Japanese Item
  • I found this item while going through some stuff that belonged to my parents. I am curious as to what it is. I assume it is Japanese with the writing and the rising sun emblem. I do know that my dad was stationed in Japan at the end of World War II so I am assuming it is something he brought back. Can anyone decipher the writing maybe that would give a clue as to what it is. Links to the pictures are below.


  • It says it is a 貯金箱 (box for saving money in).
  • It's a collection box I think, probably for gathering donations for the cause. Possibly pre-WWII according to Wikipedia.

    国民精神総動員運動(員) Kokumin Seishin Sōdō(in)

    It's written right to left, flopped here:
    Front Top: 國民精(示+申, old variant of 神)總動員
    こくみん せいしん そうどういん
    National Spirit General Mobilization

    Front Bottom: 新體制貯金箱
    しんたいせい ちょきんばこ
    New Order Savings Box

    Back Top: 百貮拾 憶?億?貯蓄 は
    hyaku ji shuu oku chochaku wa
    gather(ing) 102 oku savings is

    Back Bottom: 壹錢 kara
    ichi sen/zeni kara
    from 1 zeni

    EDIT: (Meaning basically "Collecting 1 million dollars starts with a penny")

    Is there a slot or hole at the top? I'm thinking the big hole in the back used to be covered and could be opened to collect the donations.
  • There is a slot on the side that the part with the rising sun emblem is below right now. Maybe that was the top and it just got mashed down into it. See the picture link below.
  • I think you're just missing the back is all. Maybe there was a string handle attached at both sides of the slot.

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