What's the difference between 偽装 and 変装?
  • 偽装 ぎそう disguise; camouflage; masquerade
    変装 へんそう disguise; masquerade

    What's the difference between "disguise" and "masquerade"? I think they're just synonyms.
  • Yeah, I have rikaichan and Denshi Jisho definitions too.
    I'll just ask someone japanese today. Thanks, though :)
  • Let us know if you find something!
  • Aaargh! I still don't know! My japanese friend told me they were the same, but she uses
    変装 much more often. The reason I brought this up was because I saw this article http://www.asahi.com/national/update/0528/OSK201205280053.html


    There are different wikis for each word. I want to say 変装 is a "disguise" and 偽装 maybe is closer to identify theft/pretending to be someone.
  • Thanks for getting back! Just by the Kanji at least, 変装 is "changed + dress/appearance" while 偽装 is "fake/imitation + dress/appearance" so I'd agree with you on that basis.

    I've had similar experience with the Japanese I know with questions on fine distinction like that. It is quite likely that we as learners put more thought into each word than an average native speaker who uses words without cause for much deliberation.
  • haha, I guess you're right. これから心配しません
  • I recommend looking into other dictionaries like Yahoo! (J-E and J-J), and ALC. That will help you to get a better idea of the distinction, though I think you're on the right lines.

  • That is good advice, thanks. Jisho isn't the only jisho after all.

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