help in transalation a japenese banner to english
  • I have a Japanese banner (5 feet x 40 feet) that i bought 15 years ago.

    Can anyone help translating it?
    Also, does anyone have any info on it , what it was used for, or how much it is worth?

    Thanks, Bill

  • 法然上人降誕八百年紀念
    - Commemoration of the 800th anniversary of the birth of Honen (ōnen )
    - the name of the temple (there are several temples by this name, but presumably it was one close to where you bought the banner).

    昭和六年三月 - the date (March, Showa 6 = 1931)

    There are also a list of names under "主施" (probably written right-left, so 施主) In this context, it probably means "benefactors".
  • "how much it is worth" is good question. There are probably a lot of Japanese collectibles in the United States and elsewhere. The question for the group mind is: sell in the US via E-bay or try to get on a Japanese site and sell for yen. The latter seems more lucrative but much more involved. Any ideas or experiences out there?

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