Could you help me translating this pic from Japanese to English?
  • Here is the pic I need the translation of:

    Please help me! I don't know any Japanese word, even though I'm trying to learn!
  • Katakana (usually English loan words) in single quotes. Japanese above, translation below each line. My best guess:

    'emerarudo chiketto' sabun shuusei 'tsuuru' ('ibe'...)
    Emerald Ticket mathematical difference correction tool eve...? Event?

    0% [shousai] [details]

    ●'oorora chiketto' | ● shinpi no 'chiketto'
    aurora ticket | mystery ticket

    ●furubi takaizu | ●mugen no 'chiketto'
    Very old image??? | infinity/dream ticket, not sure which

    □tokei settei 'ibento' yuukou
    clock setting event validity/availability


    'emerarudo chiketto' sabun shuusei tsuuru Ver. 1.20 by taka-san
    Emerald Ticket difference correction tool version 1.2 by taka

    As for what this tool is for I have no idea.

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