Japanese or Chinese?
  • I wonder if anybody can identify the character which I have hi-lighted with a red circle on this printed label:


    More generally, is the language Japanese or Chinese?
  • It is, I think, old Japanese (so written right to left horizontally).
    The third line is the date of manufacture in Japanese format.

    昭和十五年 = Showa 15 or 1940.

    The character circled appears to be 壓. I don't think it's used in modern Japanese- it is an old form of 圧. The one to the left of it is also old: 檢 - modern Japanese form is 検.
  • Thank you for your help! Your additional information that this label is written R->L enabled me to resolve another puzzle concerning the date, which I had interpreted as Showa 50, which made no sense in terms of the device to which this label is attached.
    I should have realized that "Showa" itself was written R->L!

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