Japanese Blogs
  • Hey, do any of you know some interesting blogs in japanese?
    I have no preference really on the subject matter.
  • http://labaq.com/ - there is a category sort on the left side.

    http://www.blogmura.com/ is a blog ranking site which links to blogs on just about every theme possible.

    I personally mostly read food-related stuff like http://mikan76.arekao.jp/ or http://oshizuu.blog.fc2.com/ . Even if you say that you don't have any particular preference, it's best to go for the sort of thing you'd normally read in your native language.
  • Thanks! These look awesome.
  • If you have favorite celebrities or artists, you can find links to their official blogs and/or twitter accounts via Wikipedia. I am reading the one by Shirota Yuu :) When I was also starting out in Japanese, I was reading Leah Dizon's blog because she was starting Nihongo learning then and I found her posts really easy to understand.
  • How about blogs ABOUT Japan, and written in Japanese? Any good one? Been searching also, but found few... Thanks!

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