Need help translating this sentence
  • Hi there, I came across this sentence but have no idea the meaning of it. I tried using a dictionary but am not too well versed in Japanese so it doesn't make too much sense.

    The sentence is: 1か月なんてすぐだから2か月も過ぎるの早いよね

    Thanks ahead of time!
  • Please post the surrounding context.
  • Well there are several possibilities as the author:

    1) Has just started spring courses, and will be finished end of June.


    2) Will be leaving for travels in early July and returning late August.

    I kind of have an idea of what the sentence is saying but it doesn't really make sense when directly translated to English.

    Again thanks alot for your help!
  • Is that enough "context"? Or still need more info?
  • One month passes soon, so is two months, isn't it?
  • Possibly

    ikkagetsu, nante sugu ; One month, how fast!

    Dakara fukkagetsu mou, sugiru no hayai yo ; So, two months more, that will pass fast eh?!

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