Kanji Dictionary web pages and apps
  • I have started some web pages over at kanji.aule-browser.com - they are based on JMDict and Kanjidic2 at the moment. Some 221 stroke-order GIF's from a site in Japan are linked to some pages. The app's so far are for learning single Kanji (Tuttle, Henshall or Heisig sets) and for viewing the internet dictionaries as web pages.

    The applets are built using Curl from Tokyo-based SCSK corp, owner today of former MIT Curl web content and markup language (so the app's run on Windows, Mac or Linux without Flash or Java but require the version 7 or 8 of Curl Surge Runtime Engine (Surge RTE) which is very secure and used by many large corporations in Japan for intranet app's.)

    I am testing one as a desktop app at the moment; Android app's will follow - all free using open-source or public domain dictionaries.

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