Japanese skills required to work in Japan
  • こんにちはみなさん。

    So here's the deal, there was a job offer for an assistant strength and conditioning coach at Sendai daigaku. I fit the offer perfectly except for I've just started learning Japanese a couple months ago lol. Well obviously they ditched me but the recruiter told me if I could learn to speak Japanese he'd be glad to hear from me again.
    Now he certainly thought he was politely getting rid of me and wouldn't here from me again but he just doesn't know me lol.

    So since I'm more motivated than ever, the question is what, in your opinion, would be an acceptable level of conversational Japanese? (so I can yell at and be mocked by Japanese students)

    I was thinking maybe being able to understand manga or drama episodes without subtitles (obviously lol). Or maybe getting a more formal recognition like a JLPT level 3 or whatever or something like that.
    I know it's pretty hard to get a good measuring stick regarding spoken Japanese ability but just to know what's your opinion about it could help establish a goal and know more or less when I'll give him a phone call with my superb Japanese and horrible French accent lol. (yeah now it's more a matter of 'when' rather than 'if'. It's on! lol).
  • In terms of qualifications, JLPT 2 or above tends to be what you see (when an actual level is specified). However, JLPT doesn't say anything about your conversational abilities (as it's all written).

    I suggest you don't worry about JLPT so much but focus on conversation practice (via Skype or something if you've no local opportunities), and vocabulary in your field. You also need to look at visa requirements - just getting a job offer isn't enough to get a work visa.
  • Okay thanks for the information.
    I quickly went over the JLPT information I could find on the Internet and couldn't find out if for example I want to take the level 2 test I have to complete the level 3. Since I won't necessarily live close to an exam center it would be nice not to have to pass every single single level until I reach the level I aim for.
  • No, you simply pay for whatever level you want to take. You can't take more than one level at a time, since they're run together (e.g. if you weren't sure where you were you can't apply for both 2 and 3 together).

    Sample questions: http://www.jlpt.jp/e/samples/forlearners.html
  • Thanks, great.

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