Feature Request - **Vocabulary Databank**
  • I love this site. I often go through pages of vocabulary in an attempt to really get a feel for the variety of meanings a kanji can have. The problem is, as I do that, I see way too many words to possibly memorize. By the time I'm half way down the page, I've already forgotten the meanings of the words at the top.

    It would be great if we could simply have a button on the side of each word, for example a + sign, so that we could add these words to a personal database of vocabulary attached to our account. This way we could always find a place to review vocabulary that we wanted to memorize.

    This idea can be taken even further by incorporating flash card type quizzing which would incorporate vocabulary less frequently as you correctly guess it's meaning.

    I think it's an opportunity for this site to become the number one online site and mobile site on the planet. Since most people are getting internet access from their mobile phones, the site will be easy to use on the go. It'll help so many people.

    Please consider my suggestion, and if any funds are needed to complete this project, I would be willing to help. Thank you for your consideration.


  • Pierre, thanks, that is indeed a good suggestion and I am planning to add such a feature.
  • Oh my Goodness, I'm so excited! Haha. Any idea on when it'll be released? I'd imagine it's quite a lot of work.

  • In the meantime...
    I use Anki flashcard software http://ankisrs.net/
    which runs on Linux, Mac, Windows, mobile devices, etc.
    In Anki it is easy to build your own personal deck of cards and to fill it with japanese vocab by cutting and pasting from jisho.org or elsewhere.
    I understand you want something "convenient" but learning is necessarily a bit inconvenient. The extra time you spend typing/pasting entries in to your Anki deck is part of the learning process, it is NOT wasted time, in my opinion.
  • Cool! Thanks aruburento. I'll be sure to check this out. Mobile capable software is a big plus.


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