"turn the tap on ・off"
  • Hi everyone,

    Is there a specific phrase for "turn the tap on" and "turn the tap off" in Japanese? I'm hesitating to use つける・消す because it feels like these are only for electric appliances. Would it be correct to say 蛇口を開ける・閉める? Or is it better to use a verb like 捻る(ひねる)?

  • Hi, Ju:

    蛇口を開ける/閉める is fine.

    I think 蛇口を捻って(ひねって)開ける/閉める is fine, too, but not common.

    As you know, we Japanese commonly say 電気をつける/消す.
    But, we can also say スイッチを押して(by pressing the switch button)、電気をつける/消す, but it is not a common saying.

    Hope this would help.
  • Thank-you, that's great!

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