Help Translate English to Japanese please!
  • i just like to say i'm a games player and its very hard to communicate with my friends over in Japan. this would be much appreciated.

    please translate these 2 sentences for me:

    1) can you please show me 2 or 3 of your best replays in your replay channel?

    2) what is the name you play as when you play in the game centre?

    thanks for your efforts!
  • 1) sumimasen, 2tsu ka 3tsu wa ichiban ripure- no ripure- channae-ru wo misete kudasai.

    2)ge-mu centa wa namae o tsukai shimasuka.
    2) ゲームセンタは名前を使いしますか。

    This is very basic Japanese and you should keep in mind how you say things because using the wrong type of "grammar" it may come across as agressive but anyway i hope this helps ^_^

  • thank you fox. i really appreciate it. yes i will keep it in mind as ive decided to start studying japanese(hiragana text). i follow a lot of japanese culture so i might as well:)
  • I think you may have some errors in your translations. I would offer:

    1. すみませんが、レプレーチャネルで1番好きなリプレーを見せてくれませんか。

    2. ゲームセンターで遊ぶ時、通称名は何ですか。

    For what you wrote, foxbyte8:
    すみません、2つか3つは一番レプレーのレプレーチャネルを見せてください。 I would translate to:
    "Excuse me, among 2 or 3 (of something unspecified), please show (me) the #1 replay's replay channel."

    If you're already talking about replays, 2つか3つは would probably make sufficient sense. However, putting を on レプレーチャネル makes that the direct object of 見せる. In other words, asking to please show you their replay channel itself.

    ゲームセンタは名前を使いしますか。 I would translate to:
    "Does the game center use a name?"

    In this case, ゲームセンターは makes it so you're talking about the game center itself. は in this case would go on 皆, which probably won't get stated assuming User99 is already discussing this in a forum thread, or whatever conversation this is for.
  • 1. リプレーチャンネルの一番いいと思うものを2・3個見せてもらえますか?
    2. ゲームセンターで使っているユーザー名は何ですか?
  • thanks for all the help guys. im abit confused deciding who to go with nate or louis:) im sure both of you translated it correctly!
  • User99, I would go with Louis. :) It's literally closer to what you want to say, and sounds more natural (to my ears, anyway.)
  • thank you nate. thanks again to everyone for offering your help. it's really appreciated!

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