Name translation for a newbie.
  • Since I'm pretty new to Japanese, I thought I'd try to find some help in getting an accurate translation of my name in Japanese. My name is Zac Little (Zac for short, Zachary is my full first name), which from what I've tried to figure out on my own so far with a little help from some name translation sites (which I fear are probably not very accurate), this is what I've currently come up with:

    Zac Little (リタル ザク)
    Zachary Little (リタル ザカリー)

    I'm aware that this probably isn't correct at all, which is why I've posted here for some feedback! Can anybody let me know what I've done wrong and help me with an accurate translation? Thank you.
  • 'Little' is リトル
    'Zac' is ザック
    'Zachary' is most likely ザカリー, though I have seen it as ザッカリー

    It's usual to write your name in the western order, but you don't have to if it's important to you. If you write it in the western order your name is:

    The best way to find out how to write a name in Japanese is to think of someone famous with the same name and look them up in Japanese Wikipedia. You can search directly in JWiki as the original English (or whatever language) will be included in the article. Of course this doesn't work for rarer names.
  • You haven't done anything particularly wrong - it's just the rules aren't all that obvious when you're starting out. Like English words that end in a 'k' sound often have a small ツ to emphasise that sound.
  • Thank you very much! I was wondering about the ツ, as it showed up in name translations, but I couldn't figure out the reason for it being there. I really appreciate it.
  • Just to help out a little more that ツ helps emphasize the k in Zac and with your name, Ri-taru Zakku would be the romanji way of doing it but if you wanted to completely change it to "Japanese" look up the meaning of your name 'Zac' and find the closet japanese description to it. What I did with my name, in English translate as 'Bright frame' but i broke my name down to just two syllabels which sounds my name out and can be translated into japanese but does not have the same meaning. HAVE FUN!

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