Japanese Translation
  • Does anyone know what this mean??

    "kedo sa... ano toki kuru nara~ zettai sabishii yo ni..."
  • I'm guessing the "ni" at the end should be "ne". In which case the rough translation is:

    けどさ・・・あのとき来るなら〜 絶対寂しいよね
    Although... if [you/he/she] come(s) at that time~ it would definitely be lonely...
  • Thank you John.

    How about...

    "hagu-shitte hoshii na... konnani kuto kara..." ??
  • Question: where are you getting these from and why are they all in romaji?
  • @jenlit either getting it from manga or anime.

    @Jackie 'Guessing that Hagu is a character or the Japanese like using English words because it sounds cute'
    It could be translated as 'I want to hug (you).. but where can I...
  • although Konnani koto kara can also mean 'how can i do such a thing from here'...
  • @jenlit Getting it from chatting with my friend...

    Thanks @foxbyte8 ^^

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