Can someone translated this for me please? English to Japanese.
  • Hi, I'm new here but can you help me translate these few phases to Japanese( romaji/hiragana) ? It's for a song I'm making.

    It sates itself on the life-blood of fated men (31)

    Black become the sun's beams in the summers that follow. (31)

    Brothers will fight and kill each other, sisters' children will defile kinship.
    It is harsh in the world. No man will have
    mercy on another. (64)

    If possible, I hope you could make you're translation have the following number of syllabus. Feel free to add some adjectives or exclude some words if necessary.

    Thank you. I really appreciate your help.
  • Are you serious?
  • Um, yeah. I hope this isn't too big a request. Besides, maybe you could translate part of it and let someone else translate other parts?
  • Sorry, but I don't think what you want is possible, japanese and english grammar don't work the same way in the first place. I'd recommend your song to stay as it is.
  • I agree with cicada93. What is more, such `sophisticated` text is not what you are looking for in Japanese language.
  • I don't know but someone translated a longer version of the above text into something like this:

    宿命にある者の生き血を求め支配者の館は 深紅色に血塗られる
    shu ku mē ni a ru mo no no i ki chi o mo to me shi ha i sha no ya ka ta wa shi n ku sho ku ni chi nu ra re ru

    夏の陽の光は暗黒に変わり それでもお前たちは知りたいか?
    na tsu no hi no hi ka ri wa a n ko ku ni ka wa ri so re de mo o ma e ta chi wa shi ri ta i ka

    兄弟たちは争い 互いに殺しあう 姉妹らの子は 血縁を汚す 残酷な世界 姦通がはびこり 互いに慈悲を分け合う者もない
    kyō da i ta chi wa a ra so i ta ga i ni ko ro shi a u shi ma i ra no ko wa ke tsu e n o ke ga su za n ko ku na se ka i ka n tsū ga ha bi ko ri ta ga i ni ji hi o wa ke a u mo no mo na i

    so I was hoping I could get the syllabus count I want by shortening the source text a little.
    I admit I'm not very good at Japanese but I know this is not impossible since I could translate this to 3 different languages I know with the desired syllabus count. Moreover, the Japanese language seem to be good at making long phases and you could bend the source text as much as you want like adding adjectives.

    I'm so close to making this happen, please help.

    PS: If you still think it's impossible, post below and I'll concede and accept your advice. Thank yiu.

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