Translation for my 10 year anniversary
  • I have tried other places to find someone to translate but so far have been unsuccessful. I would like to have a phrase translated that I will be putting into a tattoo for my 10 year anniversary. The phrase is "He is mine and I am his." If this doesn't translate well any phrase that has the same sentiment would be excellent. I really appreciate any help I can get. I took some Japanese and am capable of calligraphy so really I just need the correct symbols.

    Thank you!
  • Well, you will have this tattoo on you for the rest of your life. So, always remember that.


    This could work.
  • Two of the characters didn't load so I used Google Translator. Would you mind making sure the characters it gave me are right?
  • Also, do you happen to know if Matt or Matthew could be translated? I have no idea how names work when it comes to traslating them. Would this be it?
  • The problem with western names is they can't really be translated in kanji, you'd have to use katakana.
    I know my name become 'furederiku'/ フレデリク
    Matthew would give マシュー but it sure looks less pretty than your kanji translation.
  • Also, if you were to use his name, it would be less awkward to put in "Matt" (マット).

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