Could someone please help me translate this song?
  • It's from dr. slump

    どんどこどこどこ どこまでも
    青い空ゆく 雲の船
    風よふけふけ 帆を上げて
    みんなをのせて 夢いっぱい
    ゆく国どんな国 こんな国あんな国

    Thank you.
  • Go, go, let's go
    Everyone let's go
    Beyond the rainbow
    Where there's a mysterious land, throbbing with excitement
    Take hand in hand
    Going on, on, on forever
    Into the blue sky, ships made of clouds
    Let the wind blow, blow, raise the sails
    Take everyone on board, full of dreams
    The land we're going to, what kind of land? This kind of land, that kind of land
    Rainbow land

    I'm a little out of practice so happy to be corrected if there's any mistakes!
  • I appreciate your help.

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