Translation of a few terms please (writing a book)
  • Eternal lord / Immortal commander
    - Meaning a lord/commander that is an immortal. Specifically, a battle commander, but one whose authority is absolute.

    Demon hunter
    - If there is a one-word translation for this term, that would be ideal, but any translations are appreciated.

    Gates of Hell / Hell gate
    - Literally meaning a gate leading into Hell.

    Guardian of the gate(s)
    - This is another term that would ideally be translated into a single word, but all translations are very much appreciated.

    The prime context of these terms would be less modern, and more as they would have been said in the 1600's. I'm not certain if this makes much or any difference. These do not have to be precise translations of word for word. If there is a single word that means what the terms mean, that would be perfect. Just please let me know of any significant changes in tone or intent if they are relevant. I only know about 300-400 words of Japanese, and am not proficient enough to get subtle nuances that occur in some translations.

    Quick edit: Romaji translations are preferred. I can translate character translations, but the translators aren't always perfectly accurate, and I have to use these terms in a book read by English-speaking readers.
  • Immortal lord (general, commander) - 不朽将 (`fukyuushou`)
    This is connection of two words (`immortal, eternal`) and (`general, commander, leader`). You can find 将 in 将軍 (`shogun`).

    Demon hunter - 悪魔の猟師 (`akuma no ryoushi`)
    `akuma` means devil, evil, demon and `ryoushi` is hunter, huntsman. You can also replace 猟師 with ハンター (`hanta`).

    Gates of Hell - 地獄正門 (`jigoku seimon`)
    `jigoku` is hell and `seimon` is main entrance, main gate

    Guardian of the gate(s) - 正門のガーディアン (`seimon |no| gaadian`). You can omitt `no` here.
  • There is also a word 門番 (monban) which is literally "gatekeeper".
  • Ah, right. Forgot about that one. I think 門番 suits better here.
  • Thank you very much for your replies. This will help me out a lot. I'm learning Japanese, but learning to ask some questions and make common responses is a lot different than finding specific information. Thanks again!

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