Please help me write some sentences
  • I've been given some words to use in a sentence and my teacher wants me to be a bit more creative with what i am saying, so i'm asking for a bit of help, if possible.

    The words i have been given - and then what i wrote:
    1.できます- 私はsひゅうくだいをできます。
    2.かります- ぺんをかります。
    3.しんじます- 私の父はしんじます。
    4.おきます- 七時十分におきます。
    5.きます- せいふくをきます。 
    6.あびます- シャワーをあびます。
    7.います- いぬをいます。
    8.あります- でんしゃであります。

    So if someone could help me expand some of those sentences, that would be a great help.
  • I feel that this is taking it a bit too far, this forum is indeed here to help, but we shouldn't make your homework for you. I'll point out some errors though:

    私はしゅくだいをできます。 - Depends on what you want to say of course, but you probably mean 私は宿題ができます, wo is not used with the verb dekiru.
    私の父はしんじます。- You need an objective in this sentence. You could however do something like 私はお父さんをしんじます。
    いぬをいます。 - wo is not used with imasu, this should be いぬがいます.
    でんしゃであります。- Again, wrong particle. You mean でんしゃにあります。 which means "it's in the train".

    My main pointer if you want to make the sentences more complex is to use different verb forms, until you know more advanced grammatical structures, that's a great way to spice things up.
  • I always have trouble with the particles...Thanks for helping me tobberoth.

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