Help translate this, or at least point me to a site where I can pay to have it translated?
  • This is a block of text from an "ero" story I'm translating. Even though my Kanji and hiragana has gotten really good... apparently I suck really hard with the Katana. Any ideas what this passage says? Besides ゲート(Gate), I have no idea what the Katana is saying. : D

  • The first thing that came to my mind when I read this:
    〔The loli rain has already begun (to rain) from the juice gate of erosus.〕

    Or not. Well, probably not. At least it sounds as stupid as the original sentence.

    At any rate, the reason you can't don't know these words is that they don't really exists and no hits on google and no entry in dictionaries lead me to the opinion that they are probably made up by the author.

    Still, we can make sense of the basic sentence structure:

    既にAのBからCが始まってる C has already begun from the B of A.

    Even if we don't know what then nouns A, B and C are supposed to mean, we can understand this much. And if you take the context into account, you might be able to make an educated guess of what is meant here.

    Additionally, エロサス sounds like some place to me, we can guessジュセーゲート might contain "gate" and ジュセー might be the name of the gate, and for ロリエナレイン it might end on "rain" and ロリエナ is a specific type of rain.

    My final tip: Guess from the context.

    PS: You could try asking here There are a few native speakers of Japanese there, but frankly, I doubt they could make any more sense out of this...

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