Help with tattoo translation please!!!
  • Hey everybody my name is Andy and this upcoming Friday I am planning on getting a tattoo. I decided recently that I would love to have the phrase at the end of one of my favorite poems by Robert Frost along with it, " miles to go before I sleep" If anyone could help me with a translation it would be greatly appreciated thank you!!!
  • Poetry is something that's very difficult to translate. It would be much better to have it in the original.

    Especially since it was Robert Frost who said "poetry is what gets lost in translation"!
  • I second what jenlit said, and my personal opinion is you shouldn't ask some random people on the internet to help you with something you'll carry with your for the rest of your life. Feel entitled to your own opinion though, but please, think thoroughly before acting.

    Anyway, I thought attempting to translate this would be fun so here goes:

    寝所への路はまだ数里もの永し"ne-dokoro he no michi ha mada suu-ri mono nagashi"

    寝所へ   "nedokoro he" (5)
    未未数里 "mada mada suu-ri" (7)
    路永し   "michi nagashi" (5)

    弧ありて祥たる莓あて靡るヲムをば釡と驥為けり。 " ko arite, saiwai-taru ichigo ate, wakeru-on oba kama to ki shikeri"

    ※Please note: At least one of the above suggestions doesn't make any sense at all. Please get a second opinion and don't get something tattooed a stranger on the net told you.
  • Thank you guys so much for your input. LOL i definetly wasnt just going to get it tattooed from random people but I appreciate your concern and input. I just wanted for fun to see what it would possibly look like . I most likely will keep it in English as it is a poem and I dont want to risk bad translations, but just wanted to see what it may look like in japanese. Thank YOU!!! :)

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