How would one say the following
  • in Japanese.

    I hope you liked (enjoyed) the food.


    3 years in Japan and still dont know how to use I hope.
  • I'm sure someone will post a very accurate way of translating your sentence, but I find that the meaning of the sentence won't be the same. It sounds almost like you are leading them to saying that they enjoyed the food, which sounds kind of weird in Japanese (I find).

    Rather than that, I would ask: "How is (was) the food?"

    「どうですか」or if they have finished eating, then 「どうでしたか」 is what people usually ask me after preparing a meal and inviting me over.

    Besides, they will always say that it was good and say 「ごちそうさま」, which implies that the food was good. If you really wanted to know, then you'd have to judge based on their body language.

    Would you be saying this wanting their honest opinion or would it be as a kind of formality? If it is to show good manners, then thanking them for coming is best (I think).


    I say this each time I invite anyone anywhere (my apartment, some restaurant, etc).

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