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  • Screw the JLPT. If you need the JLPT to prove your skill in Japanese, then your not that good.
  • Agreed! If your job or some other organization is asking for it that's one thing. Taking it just to take it is another thing completely... and you're probably better off using your time just learning Japanese.

    I guess to each his own and good luck if you do take it, I mean that sincerely, but remember why you are learning Japanese in the first place... is it to take tests?
  • You would be more helped taking tests while learning school to assess your knowledge and using the guides for practice, but just because you can pass a JLPT level doesn't mean you are 100% good at Japanese. You will still have plenty to study in terms of vocabulary and writing, and it may give you a false sense of comfort. Studying more Japanese is never a bad thing.
  • Saying that taking tests to prove your skill in Japanese is dumb/useless sounds to me like a great excuse for people who lack the skill to pass the tests.

    1. It looks great on your CV. If you study Japanese to watch anime or something, fine, but if you plan to use it practically, you better have decent certificates that you know what you're doing.
    2. The JLPT tests are standardized to a high degree and are well respected. If you're good enough to pass a high JLPT grade, that actually says quite a lot about your Japanese, far more than the praise you get from friends who don't know any japanese and are impressed when you explain what "arigatou" means.

    I would recommend anyone who studies Japanese to aim for JLPT. It focuses your studies on Japanese which actually matters in the real world, while giving you practical benefits when it comes to looking for jobs. It's easy to claim you're so good that you don't need a test to prove it... harder to actually take the test and prove it.
  • I agree that if one is really good at Japanese, then you don't really need a JLPT certificate to prove that you are good. You just use it.

    But in my country (and the company I work for), I need solid proof of my Japanese proficiency so I had to study the prescribed materials and pass the test. In my job, applicants are not only required to pass an interview with a native Japanese speaker, he/she also needs to present a copy of his/her JLPT certificate.

    This is a strenuous hiring process but it does help narrow down the field and come up with the most qualified people.

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