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  • []-brackets denote annotations.

    As for the second pic with three characters drawn in calligraphy style (, I can't read that, perhaps someone else can. Could it be an example how you can draw with this pen?

    The first pic:

    Nagahara Nobuyoshi [name]

    Bamboo Fountain Pen
    This bfp was created by a craftman's playful work. The soot-colored bamboo, slowly fumigated in the attic of a traditional family [business] in Kyouto-rakusai ["western tokyo"], radiates a pleasant warmth in your palm.

    cap, body: [made of] soot-colored bamboo wood
    nib: 21K [refers to the type/shape of the nib, look here]

    Sailor Pen Inc. [official English website:]
    Production of fountain pens for 40 years

    The text to the bottom is a somewhat poetic, beautified advertisement of why this fountain pen is so great. ("Godlike crafting skills and a sensitivity that rival that of god combine and shake the world, leading the way to days of splendid experiences...", "Please use this pen with love for many years to come." [literal translation, may sound inappropriate or awkward in English] &c.)

    To summarize: Other than that, it claims to prevent ink leakage, provide a steady flow of ink and that you can also draw thick lines, similar to Japanese calligraphy brushes (eg , ie that is also suited for drawing Japanese characters nicely.

    For reference, and for anybody learning Japanese, here's the transcript of the document:

    長原宣義(ながはら のぶよし)

    蓋・胴 竹材(すす竹)
    ペン先 21K(長刀研き)

    老師傅 長原宣義

    長原宣義 匠技シリーズ





  • You're awesome! Thanks so much

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