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  • Hi
    Could someone please explain how to efficiently refine example sentence searches?

    For example, how can you display example sentences that contain "日中" but not "一日中"?
  • I don't think you can do this. What you can do, however, is:

    Use the wildcards * (zero or more characters) and ? (exactly one character).

    So, you can look for anything that contains 日中 anywhere by entering *日中*, but you cannot exclude 一日中 showing up. Some regexp support might make things a bit easier, but at least for Jap-Eng, I think jisho does its job well. (There are no specialized Eng-Jap dicts, only the other way around.)
  • @blutorange is right, this is currently not supported. I'd like to add proper regex support, which would make this possible, but that's still in the future.
  • Ok. Thanks for the replies!

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