I need some help translating Japanese track titles
  • Hi. I have been trying to translate a tracklist for a soundtrack album for the past couple of days, but there are some really confusing titles; some even have onomatopoeia words. I've asked on a couple of forums already, but unfortunately I haven't been able to get much help. So I registered here in hope of better help.

    My previous posts on forums (to give you an idea about the context of some tracks, etc.):
    http://vgmdb.net/forums/showthread.php?p=38259#post38259 (also see http://vgmdb.net/album/7671 for a full tracklist); remember that I'm IMPROVING the English tracklist posted here (I hope I'm not the only one who sees that there are a few inaccurately translated titles there).

    Anyway, the titles that I'm stuck on translating are these:

    Read the post on Japan Forum for my theory. But what I wrote in that post may very well be incorrect.

    Can this really mean "I'm going to a resort" (as previously translated by someone)? The "going to a" part confuses me. I've read up on the "shitemasu" part, and as far as I can tell it's only a confirmation of... doing something, so it may be as easy as "I Will Resort".

    I can provide SAMPLES of the mentioned tracks if you need to get a sense of what the titles relates to (or whatever). So please don't hesitate to send me a PM if you think it may help.

  • For 火炎婁 I'd probably translate it to 'Flame wreathed'.

    For 無礼講じゃ I guess you could either split it at the last syllable giving a "see ya, party!" with the English connotation of "I'm ditching this party suckers!". Or you split it straight down the middle for 'rude' + "religious meeting" except こうしゃ has had its last syllable modified to sound like 'later!'. So then the translation would be like "See ya, you rude cult meeting!" which still doesn't makes even less sense to me.

    Personally I'd just go with "I'm ditching this party suckers!" and skip trying to get a literal trans. You can say things that make sense in Japanese that sometimes don't make any sense in English and vice versa.

    As for 私、リゾートしてます. It sounds like a response to the question "whatcha up to?" The してます doesn't mean 'will do'. it is a truncation of しています。 Just like してる is a truncation of している。 Thus it is describing a currently on going action. The sentence kind of has the feel of "me? I'm resortin!" but the literal translation would be "I'm resorting." That is if you could use resort as a verb in english the same way you can use vacation as vacationing.

    So in conclusion I would go with
    'Flame wreathed'
    "I'm ditching this party suckers!"
    "Me? I'm resortin!"
  • For 火炎婁 I went with "Flame Bond", actually. I also learned that 婁 also means "tie" and "frequently", and the fact that the English word "tie" can also mean "bond" (as in a relationship). There is a kanji variation of 婁 (娄) however, and it can mean "to wear", which would make perfect sense. But there are many (simpler) kanji which has the same meaning, so I'm skeptical if they mean that. So I researched the context a little; I looked up the part in the game where this song is playing. It turns out you're helping someone (as far as I can tell) who is... actually wearing flames. But since you're helping him they may also mean that you're having some sort of "bond" with him: http://j.mp/y9TUlW (I extracted the dialogue from this part of the game, but it's most likely missing some pieces, since he skips through the text that fast: http://pastie.org/pastes/3346554/text)

    無礼講じゃ is still a big confusion to me. However, here is the context, which will hopefully help in translating it: http://bit.ly/x0NnvG
    This very alike phrase is mentioned here, by the way (the player skips through a lot of text, so you'll have to pause/unpause a bit to see it): "問答無用じゃ!!"

    I actually did use "I'm ResortING", even though "resort" alone somehow may have been a bit more accurate, since it's in katakana, but I'm not finding any other good way to use a present form of "resort" in conjunction with doing it _currently_.

    Thanks again!

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