Do you also have problems accessing
  • Hi

    in the last 2 day accessing was not easy. Sometimes it seems to be down, sometines extremly slow. Right now it is OK, but sometimes it looks like the site is gone again. Does anybody else have a similar problem?
  • Yes. Last night with luck I could look up some kanji, today the site is remarkably slow but I am able to look up kanji and words as long as I don't use any wildcard characters.
    Perhaps it's some database trouble?
  • There is an ongoing issue with the server that's causing the site to be slow. I'm not sure exactly what's wrong yet, but I'm actively working on making it fast again.

    Sorry for the inconvenience!
  • The site should be faster now, but please let me know if there's any lingering issues.
  • Whoah, thank you so much for the fast solution!
    Yes, the site is much better overall now. The only problem I had so far was right now, when searching with wildcards started taking considerably more time again(though it doesn't time out anymore).
    I don't know about the site demographics though, maybe it only makes sense that this started when it's around 4pm in Japan.

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