Learning Japanese
  • I'm sorry, a bit new here in the forum. I have been interested in learning the language of Japanese
    and I already know some of the words I need to get around. But what I don't get is the sentence structure(grammar)
    I would appricate it if anyone could post any helpful infomation. Like grammar, new words and anything that would be useful
    Oh, also I am studying hiragana and katakana characters but I'm not so sure in reading kanji( which most things in japan are written in, correct?)
    Thank you to anyone who leave a comment or just happen to be "passing by"

    If there's anymore infomation that you like to send me, please contact me at my email
    reimeixanime@yahoo.com, Tsukasa-Chan
  • You should learn hiragana and katakana before you continue your studies, you can learn to read and write both in less than 2 weeks if you want, so just work on that first. Learning japanese without proper knowledge of kana is just a waste of time since a lot of japanese grammar is "based" on how kana are connected, that is sort of lost on the student if they are studying using just romaji.

    Sites I recommend for learning basic sentence structure: thejapanesepage.com and guidetojapanese.com. Once you know the grammar on those sites, you'll need to buy books etc to learn the rest, but learning everything on those two sites takes a LOT of time, so don't worry about it.

    There are other special tactics for learning japanese which you might want to check out:
    kanji.koohii.com = Learn how to recognize and write all the official 2000 kanji in just a few months.
    http://www.alljapaneseallthetime.com/blog/ = Learn japanese just by remembering thousands of japanese sentences. This method has gotten very popular lately.
  • Fully agree with Tobberoth. Hiragana should be the first step.

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