Translation help!
  • Hello Sirs, I have a brass plaque which my Uncle took as a souvenir from a Japanese warship during the 2nd world war, I tried to identify some of the kanji but without much luck, can anyone tell me what the plaque says? I hope it doesn't say 'Gents' ;)
  • Could you write down the Kanji clearly? I'm having a hard time reading it because it's so scratched and banged up. If you could do that, then I could help you.
  • Kiriain, I'm pretty sure the OP is asking because they can't read kanji. ;)

    It's written horizontal right-to-left. First line:
    (heavy oil and ?? pump discharge room - assuming 吐捨 comes from 吐き捨てる)

    bottom line is a bit hard to read but I think it is:
    along ship 17 feet 9 inches and a quarter, vertical 17 feet 9 inches and a quarter.
  • Wow that's awesome thank you so much! I doubt i could have written them down any better lol.
  • Did you seriously take a photo of your computer screen? Why not just upload the image itself?

    Anyway, my best guess for the first line is


    but I'm not 100% sure about the katakana. No idea on a translation; this is very obscure/archaic Japanese.

    On the second line I guess I agree with jenlit's transcription, but I don't think that that's an accurate translation (it's 七十 not 十七, for a start). Not that I can come up with something better.
  • Thanks, and yes my dad seriously did photo the screen with his Android then emailed it to me, no idea why lol.
  • It is 17, because you have to read from right to left. Jenlit's translation looks pretty sound, as far as my knowledge extends.
  • But louis has got the katakana in the top line correct, as it must be 'bilge', making:
    'heavy oil and bilge pump discharge room'.
  • Ah, sorry, I failed to read jenlit's post properly. :3

    I think that my first kanji more closely resembles the one in the image than 舎 though.
  • It could well be 弇, as this certainly seems to be connected with this kind of liquid system.

    I found some discussion here about 止水弇 here:

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