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  • I'm having a little difficulty translating something
    said in one of my favorite anime shows, Space Battleship Yamato.
    The big blue bad guy says:

    "ガミラス の マグネット 発振器 を 作動させる と
    磁石 に 吸い寄せられる 砂鉄 のように
    宇宙戦艦ヤマト を 包んだまま 運んできてくれる。"

    which, Romanized, is,

    "GAMILAS no MAGUNETTO hasshinki o sadousaseru to
    jishaku ni suiyoserareru satetsu noyouni
    YAMATO o tsutsunda-mama hakondekitekureru."

    I know the story well enough to know that the gist of the paragraph
    is something like:

    "If we activate the Gamilas magnet oscillator,
    then it will bring us the Yamato (engulfed?),
    and likewise the magnetic dust cloud which is attracted
    with the magnet."

    But, I want to understand the grammar of this paragraph.

    So, the question is: What is the object of the verb, 運んできてくれる ?

    I thought at first it was 宇宙戦艦ヤマト (Space Battleship Yamato),
    but there's that 包んだまま, following ヤマト, which is throwing me off.
    I'm not clear on the use of まま yet (I gather that it denotes
    condition or state). ヤマト seems to be the object of 包んだ
    (engulfed), but I don't know how to connect that to the rest of
    the sentence using any of the sentence patterns I'm accustomed to
    in my limited study of Japanese.

    If "宇宙戦艦ヤマト を 包んだまま" is a subordinate clause,
    it's positioning here is unfamiliar to me, as I've
    never seen such a clause preceding another verb.
    I've only seen them preceding nouns.

    Can anyone clarify?

  • ガミラス の マグネット 発振器 を 作動させる と
    磁石 に 吸い寄せられる 砂鉄 のように
    宇宙戦艦ヤマト を 包んだまま 運んできてくれる。

    If we activate the Gamilas magnet oscillator, like iron filings attracted to a magnet, the Yamato will be engulfed and brought right to us.

    Without knowing exactly what's happening to the Yamato, that's the best I can do. Is the "Gamilas magnet oscillator" wrapping up the Yamato in some way?
  • Expanded context:

    The space battleship, Yamato, sits trapped, engulfed in a
    magnetic ferrite cloud, 5000 km up in the airspace above the
    enemy planet, Gamilas. The cloud is attracted to the ship,
    and can't be dispersed. It renders all navigation
    instruments useless, making it impossible to fly
    the ship elsewhere. Next, the Gamilas military plans to
    use a magnetic oscillator (tractor beam) to drag the cloud,
    and the Yamato, down to the surface of the planet,
    where it can be attacked more effectively.

    I had thought that 砂鉄 (sasetsu) was a reference
    to the magnetic cloud particles, but your interpretation
    of "magnetic filings" makes more sense.

    What still confuses me is the arrangement of the
    two verbs at the end, "包んだまま 運んできてくれる".

    I've never seen verbs chained that way (assuming they
    are indeed chained). I've only seen chained verbs
    using the TE form or the V2 form. In this case,
    the first verb is past tense, TA form, followed
    by "mama". I've seen very little discussion of "mama"
    on the web, but I gather it indicates state or condition.

    It makes some sense to say "engulf and bring the Yamato to us",
    though the Yamato has already been engulfed earlier
    (and I had assumed this is what the "TA + mama" meant),
    and the action of the tractor beam is just to pull the
    whole mess down. I guess I'm trying to understand
    what this literally says.

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