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  • Hi, so I'm living in Tokyo now and am gay. From perusing the Japanese gay world, there is so much slang that is not readily obvious as far as the meaning. I was wondering 1.) if the slang that I do know the meaning of could be added to the dictionary and 2.) if someone could help me with some unknown phrases.

    First, one that took me a while to figure out, but is actually quite simple once you think about it is 凸, 凹, and 回. While I don't know the readings, the first one means "top", the second one means "bottom", and the third one means "versatile". I thought the first two were read でこ and おう respectively, but from someone I talked to, that's not the case. リバ is also one that you see a lot. It's short for リバーシブル and means versatile, as well.

    Now, for the ones that are giving me trouble. Many people talk about their "タイプ" or "their ideal type" and have very oddly specific types. Most of them revolve around face types, which don't make any sense to me. The ones I've come across are 犬顔 (dog face?), はっきり顔 (clear face?), あっさり顔 (simple face?), and イモ顔 (potato face?!). What the heck do these mean!? I've asked many of my Japanese friends about 犬顔 and gotten different answers. One said flatly that it's someone who's face resembles a dog and another one said it was someone who's pupils and irises are so big that you can't really see the whites of their eyes. @_@

    But, in general, I'm really glad that there are many entries for gay slang. But I think it just needs to be updated and added to frequently. I'd like to hear more slang that's not in the dictionary as well. And I'll post more things I've seen that aren't on the website later. I <3 Jisho.org
  • Of course, a lot of terms that deal with appearance will be fairly subjective, and people will widely differ upon their definitions and criteria. But here's a general guide:

    いもがお【痘痕顔】 actually refers to smallpox rather than potatos or taros. It essentially denotes a person whose face looks like it has been left pockmarked by the effects of smallpox (or other things like acne). An equivalent English expression would be "crater face". A synonym would be あばたづら【痘痕面】.

    いぬがお【犬顔】 opposes ねこがお【猫顔】, so basically an opposition between a dog-like face, and a cat-like face. More specifically, the "dog" part would perhaps resemble more that of a Japanese terrier, so a person with an oval head shape (but not necessarily a thin head). A synonym might be おもなががお・めんちょうがお【面長顔】. Conversely, a cat-like face would be more rounded with noticeable cheeks.

    あっさりがお【あっさり顔】 is short for あっさりしたがお【あっさりした顔】 and seems to refer to someone whose face is easy on the eyes (pleasing), or someone with a slender face and narrow chin, almost anime-esque.

    はっきり顔・ハッキリ顔 is, as you noted, someone whose face is clear (as opposed to blurry) in a photo.

    There's a ton more of these, like しょうゆ顔, ソース顔, ケチャップ顔, マヨネーズ顔, みそ顔, 肩持ち顔, たぬき顔, 御為顔, ありつき顔, どや顔, 弥生顔, 縄文顔, 瓜実顔, 玉顔, 玉顔, 花の顔, 芙蓉の顔, and so on. A few of them refer less to inherent face traits, and more to expressive traits or social traits, but you really have to learn them one by one to understand their meaning since most of them are not obvious at all.

    As for suggesting new entries, Jisho.org uses Jim Breen's dictionary, so you can propose new terms (if you already know their meanings) at the following address: http://www.edrdg.org/jmdictdb/cgi-bin/edform.py?svc=jmdict&c=1
  • Oh wow, i didn't realize there are a lot of words to describe just the appearance of one's face: ソース顔, ケチャップ顔, マヨネーズ顔, みそ顔
    It's difficult to understand, though. I mean, how can one look like mayonnaise or ketchup? :) Does one look like the baby on a Kewpiew bottle? Or does this refer to color? I find it really funny and interesting. Learned something new again today, thanks to you!

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