The difference between however and however
  • Can anyone tell me the differences between ただ、ただし and しかし? And is ものの just a more formal version of けど/が?
  • To me, ただし (and だだ) are often used to impose extra conditions or exceptions on the statement they follow (adding something more specific), whereas しかし presents something to counter/in opposition the first statement.

    So if you wanted to say something like:
    I don't want to go. However, I can't get out of it. (しかし)
    I don't want to go. However, if Yuuko will be there, that's a different story. (ただし)

    A very well-known 2ch phrase is this:
    Example from nicodic: 楽器出来る人ってかっこいいね(※ただしイケメンに限る)

    ものの I think you will see more in writing, probably not in speech.
  • I see. Thank you for the fast reply!

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