Japanese translation-correction please?
  • Hello, this is my first post here. Please can you help me to translate these sentences in proper english?
    I tried to translate, but it don't make sense...

    "About the release, it's decided an adjustment for ROMANTIC

    which is more correct: "I was thinking to perform at the one man (2 songs) /
    or the new songs I was thinking to perfomr at the concert are 2 songs?"

    2010年guilty やsympatheticリリースを経ての
    I sang , being able (??), " the music I make through the year 2011 release
    guilty" and sympathetic

    1曲はLIVEで かなり盛り上がりそうだ。。。
    1 songs seems quite a climax of Live...
    I want to have it in rehearsals soon

    ...の前にまずはROMANTIC RELEASEに向けて準備です!
    .... first it's in preparation the release of ROMANTIC!

    Thank you so much for the help!
  • Please, nobody knows?
  • It's impossible to translate contextless fragments like that.
  • I think you should write in proper Japanese before ask somebody about write it in proper English. People (even Japanese people) can not understand what you wrote in Japanese. First of all, you should make people understand what you want to say.
  • But this was written by a japanese, japanese sometimes write english between the japanese text. I received help from another japanese and he understand because translated for me! Thanks by the way to all!
  • it was written in good japanese.
  • RELEASEが決まっているROMANTICの調整と

    The adjustment of ROMANTIC which is scheduled to be released, and
    new songs (3 songs) I'm planning on playing at the live show
  • "The adjustment of ROMANTIC" => "romantic arrangement"
  • I think the song title is ROMANTIC.
  • It could also be Fine-tuning ROMANTIC which is scheduled to be released...
  • Out of curiosity, if it were not the song title, could it possibly mean "romantic arrangement"?
  • I thought it was the song title too, but most of it is difficult for me to understand... can't get the context.

    2010年guilty やsympatheticリリースを経てのMUSICを作る事が出来て、歌えました!=
    I was able to sing the 2010 releases of some songs I made, like Guilty and Sympathetic! はずだと思うけど...
  • @blutorange I think it would be ROMANTICな調整 if you wanted to mean "romantic arrangement".

    I was able to create and sing MUSIC after going through the 2010 releases of guilty and sympathetic.

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