(To do) Faster than? Better than?
  • Ok, so I'm a bit confused on how to phrase something like this. If you want to say something is faster than/ better than (etc.) something, you would use: (1)の方が(2)より早いです, right? But if you want to say that you do something faster of better… I don't know how… For example, how would one say "I speak English better than I speak Japanese"? My guess: 俺の英語を話すの方が日本語を話すのより上手です。Is this right?
  • 僕の日本語より英語が上手です。

    Your example would be right:


    I would suggest you do not use 俺.
  • ありがと :)
  • >I would suggest you do not use 俺.

    I agree with it.
    You can use it in quite limited place with your close friends.
    Otherwise it sounds quite rude.

    this would be correct.

    more naturally, use the word "得意"

    this would sounds perfect.

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