Translation - grammaticaly correct?
  • SO, I`ve been translating my summary and I really can`t seem to get the right sentences ... What I wanted to express is:
    "During the war there were big changes in the lives of women and because of that there were changes on the magazine covers too. In my research I showed changes because of war that happened on the cover of "Housewife`s friend" magazine. The women war image is reflected on this covers. I believe (think) that this image gave strength and confidence (motivation) to the women of that time. It encouraged them to survive through hard times."

    This is what I`ve come up with:

    I`m not sure about grammar in this ... Could somebody that is better in grammar than me check this? :) I`m kinda lost. I`m not sure about the words 動機 and 生き残る and 奨励. Do they express what I wanted? I checked the sentences with this words in dictionary, but I`m still not sure about them ...

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