• I learned the word from a friend a while ago, but I cannot remember it.

    I searched Jisho with keywords such as: "baking, baked, bakery" only to find 外来語 words. I know that there is a word for 'baking' as a hobby. When I say baking, I mean the hobby of making cookies, cakes, etc. Maybe my search-skills are very poor, but it's driving me crazy. I usually remember words that people teach me -- maybe I need to bake more.
  • ケーキ、クーキー are foreign items so it's not surprising that words like ベーキング are often applied. I don't think there's a term in Japanese that means quite the same thing.

    A few words/phrases:
    お菓子 = sweets/confections generally
    焼き菓子 are baked sweets specifically
    和菓子 are Japanese
    洋菓子 are Western
    手作り = homemade, e.g. 手作りお菓子

    お菓子作りが好きです = I like making sweets.
    You can also say things like
    パン作り = making bread.
    ケーキ作り = making(baking) cakes

    Cookpad (major Japanese recipe site), uses お菓子づくり (= お菓子作り ) as a general heading to cover cakes, cookies, cold sweets (e.g. jelly), Japanese sweets (e.g. daifuku) etc.

    So I think if you wanted to specify baking as in cakes, cookies, similar things made with an oven it would have to be one of the 外来語 words.

    For shops, you can use お菓子屋 for a place that sells cakes, etc, e.g. this place is a self-described お菓子屋:
    (but it doesn't have the specific meaning "bakery", it's more of a catch-all term).
    パン屋 、 パティスリー 、ケーキ屋 are also in use, depending on what sort of products it provides/personal preference.
  • Thanks for the detailed summary. The term is お菓子 (that I learned).
  • Can someone -- ANYONE tell me why my cookies don't spread out when baking? They just stay in the shape I drop them. round lumps instead of nice flat cookies. Could it be the oven temp? could it be using splenda to reduce sugar? do I need to add more liquid then the recipe calls for? PLEASE please help!
  • It depends on the recipe, but cookie dough generally shouldn't spread out that much - I usually make little balls and then squish them with a fork, leaving a little room for spread, or roll the dough out and use cutters as required.

    Substitutions (e.g. splenda for sugar), the type of oven (accuracy and evenness of heating), the accuracy of your measuring, etc, could be part of it.

    To keep this vaguely on topic, some links in Japanese:
    - shows the technique of rolling a cylinder of dough and then cutting rounds from it.
    - dough rolled out flat then cut
    - "drop" cookies

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