How would you say something like "I hope to..." or "I hope I will be able to..." in Japanese?
  • Like if you wanted to say "I hope I'll be able to make another one soon." or something.
  • I'm not that great at Japanese, but I would change the way of approaching this sentence. Rather than "I hope to", use "If I could..."

    eg.:できたらすぐします (If I could, then I will soon do it.)

    Of course, I don't know the context of what you are asking. "Make another" what? Drawing? Cake? Baby? :D

    暇ならばケーキを作ります (If I am free, then I will make a cake)
  • 私は日本語があんまり上手でわありませんが。。。。。。。。
    それについては ”。。。。。。。。思います” などを使ってもいいですか。
    たとえば、それは難しいですが、私はできると思います。(Although it is difficult, I hope I can do it)

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