Need help with reading Japanese Names
  • I can't type some japanese names for some reason on my computer.

    One example is 石川智晶, Ishikawa Chiaki. When I type "Chiaki” the closest match I get is 智明. Going through the variations individually I can find at most 智. 晶refuses to pop up.

    Using a kanji converter I got the reading, ishikawa satoshi akira. Which baffles me.

    Can any of you kindly point me in the right direction please?
  • I get 智晶 using the Google IME. But even if it wasn't there, you can just type the characters individually.
  • You can also manually add it to the IME dictionary if you'll be using it often enough to make it worth it.
  • Sure, here is the point: 人名漢字

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