Word for 'Editorial'
  • Can anyone tell me the common word for 'editorial' or 'op-ed.'?

    When I use english databases, such as lexisnexis, the title of the article often wil start with: Editorial: etc... This was particularly the case for Yomiuri Shinbun articles.

    I have been searching Asahi Shinbun articles in Japanese, and was wondering if there is a particular vocab or kanji character that is commonly used to signal an editorial or opinion piece.

    Denshijisho gives me エディトリアル and 社説面, but I have't come accross them yet. Is there a quick and easy way to identify if it is an editorial or op-ed. without reading the entire article first?

  • Well, I just searched for 朝日新聞 and 社説 and I found the page http://www.asahi.com/paper/editorial.html with the option to click back to the editorials for the current week, although apparently no further for free. Maybe you're searching somewhere other than the internet? Generally when you arrive at the Asahi site, the type of writing is indicated at the top of the page. I'm not sure where the confusion would be if you were searching either the internet or the actual newspapers whether in real form or scanned form. But that may just reflect my misunderstanding of what you are actually doing.
  • Hello,

    The commonly used word for editorial is indeed 社説.
    Regarding opinion pieces, many words are used, most commonly:

    The editorial pages of the Asahi Shimbun can be found, as Richard noted, on the following page:

    Yomiuri editiorials:

    and Mainichi editorials/opinion articles:

    About the newspapers themselves:
    Asahi Shimbun places its editorials on the opinion page, which is named オピニオン・社説・声 and is found usually somewhere in the middle.
    Yomiuri shimbun places its editorials on page 3, whereas opinion articles are found on the opinion (解説) page.
    I'm not familiar with the Mainichi shimbun in paper form.

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