Could someone translate this into english for me please?
  • お願いしますよ。スエーク●ヘッズに入れてくださいよ。
    Hey, do me a favor. Put this inside the snake heads.

    Some context would help if possible. The grammar is unnatural and it's not exactly clear what this is referring to. :)
  • It could be (if スネイク・ヘッズ is some sort of group, like a band or team), "please let me join".
    e.g. as in 仲間に入れる ・ チームに入れる
  • That would make a hell of a lot more sense. I would go with jenlit's version! :)
  • @nate
    What's unnatural about it?

    Anyway, I think that your translation is about as accurate as possible without more context.

    I think that if it was "let me join" it would be 入らせてください or something.
  • I agree, more context is required, since the translation depends on what the katakana term means. I didn't mean to imply that nate's answer is wrong - it could be entirely correct depending on context.

    However, the pattern (仲間に)入れてください is pretty common. The action is from the position of someone already in the group, not the person being added to it. e.g. 私を/も is implied but dropped, compared to nate's suggestion where これを (or similar) is implied.

    If you don't like the use of "let" as a translation when the verb is not in causative form, then consider it as: "please make me a member of", or "please bring me into".

    (参加させてください has a similar meaning but uses the causative).
  • @louis

    It seems odd to say くださいよ。 Or is this one of those tricky situations where appending ~よ makes something more humble?
  • よ doesn't have anything to do with humility; there's nothing unusual about saying くださいよ.
  • よ is very flexible and very natural. It can be used at the end of pretty much any sentence except questions.

    犬だよ。 - It's a dog.
    美しいよ。 - It's beautiful
    行くよ。- I'll go.
    止めてよ! - Stop!

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